ERP5 Live CD

ERP5 LiveCD is no longer maintained nor recommanded. This page is just kept for reference...

Thanks to ERP5 Live CD, implementing ERP5 at a distant location with little or no Linux skills is not an issue any longer. It also saves 1 day of precious engineer time by reducing the installation time to 1 minute, thus providing more time for application setup and customization.


Hardware requirements

The Live CD requires at least 1GB RAM to run smoothly. If you have less, it still will run, but will be often stopping for a while and wearing out your CD drive. We never succeeded to make it run on a machine with 128MB RAM.

You also need an HD with at least 512MB free space. Serial ATA disks may give you problems, since the LiveCD does not recognize certain types of SATA HDs.

Installing in a VMWare image

To prevent weird errors when trying out ERP5 in a VMWare environment, make sure to create a Virtual Machine with:

Upgrading from Live CD to newest version

Do NOT upgrade the Live CD (version 1.0rc11 or older) installation through the script right now as the Live CD still runs Zope 2.7. ERP5 support is dropped for this version and the new zope "ERP5Site" object will appear as broken because it needs Zope 2.8.

Basic setup with the newest version of ERP5 and business templates (don't use with Live CD <= 1.0rc11 !)

1. Get the latests LiveCD ISO image and burn it to CD.

2. Read the instructions in the README.TXT file on CD for basic Linux/Windows setup.

3. Boot from the CD. You will find your erp5cd directory under /mnt/storage .

4. Open a terminal. Run su at the command prompt, type erp5root when a password is requested. You are now logged in as root.

5. Change the current directory to /var/lib/zope/Products. Be sure to have an active Internet connection. Type ./ to run a script that checks out the latest version of ERP5 from the repository.

5.1 Only for LiveCD prior to version 1.0rc8 : Replace the file /var/lib/zope/Extensions/ with a symlink to /var/lib/zope/Products/ERP5/Extensions/

6. Restart zope

7. Create a new ERP5 Site and give it whatever name you wish. You'll be asked if you want to use CMFActivity. Select "I'm new to ERP5 so I'll use it later" (or else you need to setup a custom zope_tic_loop script). {X} This will soon be obsolete thanks to TimerService integration. If you run a Live CD >= version 1.0rc8, you can safely select "I know it and I want to use it"

8. Select Manage Business Templates from My Favorites menu (or change the URL address to localhost/your_new_erp5_site/portal_templates)

9. Install any desired business template following HowToInstallBusinessTemplates.

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