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Students of IFES introduce ERP5

Students of IFES (Brazil) introduce ERP5 through a video

New Books about ERP5

Free and Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning: Systems and Strategies

Freies Unternehmens-Informationssystem: Compiere, Jfire, Erp5, LX-Office, Intars, Adempiere, Project-Open, Openerp, Weberp, Opentaps, Dolibarr

ERP5 at OW2 conference

First demo of SlapOS -

March 6th 2009

Buildout configuration is available for ERP5: ViewVC access:

SVN access:

Keep in mind, that it is ongoing work, and refer to README file to try it out.

Happy buildouting.

December 1st 2008

ERP5 World Forum is organised in Paris to facilitate contributions by users and academics to ERP5 functional roadmap.

May 19 2008

In favor of Zope 2.8, ERP5 will drop support for Zope 2.7 officially in 3 months, at August 18 2008.

February 23/24 2008

The second ERP5 DevCon in Poland

On February 23/24, ERP5 Polska hosted a ERP5 DevCon conference of Polish ERP5 developers and users.

February 1st 2007

ERP5 Live-CD 1.0rc11 released

I'm pleased to announce the availability of our new ERP5 Live CD version 1.0rc11.

Please download the CD image file from the following URL:

This version will be the last based on Mandriva 2006 (until no important bug found that can justify a new release). The next one will be based on Mandriva 2007.

Main change in this new version is the addition of oood, a standalone server based on and developped by Nexedi.

Here is the detailed change log:

January 28th 2007

The ERP5 Mobile Business Template was released and certified for the Nokia E61 Smartphone. Read more at

January 15 2007

The first ERP5 community conference in Poland

On January 13-14, ERP5 Polska hosted a conference of Polish ERP5 developers and users.

Read more

June 26 2006

ERP5 Project Nominated at Paris Capitale du Libre 2006

The Infoterra project based on ERP5 was nominated at a major OSS contest organised by Paris City: Paris Capital du Libre 2006.

May 12 2006

ERP5 Live-CD 1.0rc10 released

I'm pleased to announce the availability of our new ERP5 Live CD version 1.0rc10.

Here is the change log for this version:

Apr. 07 2006

ERP5 Live-CD 1.0rc9 released

I'm pleased to announce the availability of our new ERP5 Live CD version 1.0rc9. This version does not update Zope Products, but fixes some hardware and software problems. For example, the kernel is updated to a newer release from Mandriva. We are planning to make a full update in next version.

Also, we would appreciate if you could redistribute this Live CD via http or ftp or whatever.

Update - a little change log:

Mar. 23 2006

ERP5 Implementation at Infoterra, an EADS Astrium company

Feb. 14 2006

ERP5 Live CD v1.0-rc8 released, now based on a Mandriva 2006

I'm happy to announce the availability of a new ERP5 Live CD.

Before starting to download, be careful: the Live CD has now a size > 650 Mb. You need a 700 Mb CD-R to burn it.

This version, even numbered as new "Release Candidate" (1.0rc8), is a big update. The previous release (1.0rc7) was based on a Mandriva 10.1. This new one is based on a Mandriva 2006: this mean more hardware support thanks to the kernel update (2.6.8 to 2.6.12).

We added some new features in this release:

We also corrected some important bugs:

Jan. 24 2006

ERP5 Live CD v1.0-rc7 available

A new ERP5 Live CD is available.

This release is based on the Oct. 27 2005 CVS version. Normally, it will be the last version based on Mandrakelinux 10.1. The next version will be based on Mandriva 2006.

Update: The Zope version embedded in this live CD is known to have an empty "Undo" tab in the ZMI. This bug was corrected in the 2.7.8 version of Zope and will be available in the next Live CD release.

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