ERP5 World Forum - December 1st 2008 - Paris

The ERP5 World Forum is a "collaborative innovation" event which focuses on ERP5 and ERP5 Express communities. Users, developers and academic researchers meet and define the roadmap of ERP5 based on recent advances and latest trends in disciplines of management.

It is part of the Open World Forum

The 2008 event structure focuses on 3 main themes:

For each topic, a lecture is given by an academic expert. Lectures are followed by a presentation of business cases and by a hands-on session where users can learn how to use ERP5, improve their skills and discuss the path of ERP5. Meanwhile, ERP5 developers implement the concepts introduced during the lectures. At the end of the day, 3 prototype implementations are showcased.

Why should I attend the ERP5 World Forum ?

By attending the ERP5 World Forum, you can:

How can I register ?

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9h00 - Welcome and Introduction

9h30 - The future of Trade and Inventory by Joannes Vermorel ( How statistics and Total Information Outsourcing can improve your inventory predictions.

10h00 - ERP5 Trade Forum. User training. User feedback.

11h00 - The future of Accounting by Rogerio Atem (CEFET, Brasil). How probabilities can be used in accounting to better reflect IFRS regulations.

14h00 - ERP5 Accounting Forum. User training. User feedback.

15h00 - The future of CRM by Kazuhiko Shiozaki (Nexedi). How data mining can improve the productivity in CRM while increasing customer satisfaction.

15h30 - ERP5 CRM Forum. User training. User feedback.

16h30 - Business Showcase. ERP5 in Banking. ERP5 for Health. ERP5 for Public Accounting. ERP5 for CRM. ERP5 for KM. ERP5 SaaS.

17h00 - Presentation of prototypes


The following participants are confirmed:

More corporate participants are expected from Ireland, Slovenia, Sénégal, Japan, etc.

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