Wiki Authoring Guidelines

This document provides general guidelines for ERP5 Wiki authors. Please read it carefully to help us make this site consistent and usable.

Please contribute

Your contribution is welcome. The most useful contributions are:

Draft content and discussions must go to Discussion

If you want to discuss a new matter about ERP5 or share some content for which reviewing is needed (this is often the case of HowTo documents or documents which location is still not clear in the wiki), please publish them in the Discussion section. Once a document in Discussion has been reviewed, it can be moved to the core part of the wiki. This approach prevents from publishing documentation which would mislead some users yet allow for quick sharing and discussion.

If you are not sure, put a comment

It is sometimes better to add a comment to a document (in the last paragraph) rather than change content. In particular, if you are not sure of your contribution or if you want to include some question, comments are probably a better place.

If you are sure, change content

If you are certain of your contribution (ex. typo, missing dependency, etc.), it is better to modify a document directly. Anyway, changes can be reverted.

Respect the existing structure

This web site has 5 main sections:

Please try as much as possible to create content which fits in the current structure. If you think you need to create content outside the current structure, use the Discussion section first.

In addition, this site includes a ResourceLibrary section for all contents which can be useful to developers but are not the main concern of ERP5 beginners. The ResourceLibrary uses a dual classification by region (ex. West Africa) and by field (ex. accounting).

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