The "Experimental" project has been transformed into "Addons (ERP5)" project, maintained at:

The "Addons (ERP5)" project contains things from here which have proved useful and are now used in production on some sites. Still, you can find here some things which may be useful, or at give you inspiration or some hints how to hack ERP5.

Experimental Repository

There is a separate repository for new/experimental code, mostly contributed by community.

For svn clients, the repo is at:

There is also a ViewVC at:

Operating rules

Business Templates

The naming convention is that every business templates should be suffixed with "_experimental", whether it is an overlay to an existing bt (like erp5_crm_experimental) or something new.


Modifications to core code is done in the form of monkey-patches. There is a product called Experimental, which contains some patches to ERP5 core code. The product can be simply installed and all patches will apply, or you can edit Experimental/ to apply only selected patches.

(The structure should probably be changed so that patches are stored in a more orderly structure.)

The name of a patch should tell to which class it applies and what it is for.

A patch should contain the standard GPL header and a docstring explaining in detail what the patch does and containing a RATIONALE part - an explanation why it is needed or useful.


Everything should be tested. Automatic test runner is not there yet, but some day it will be. For now, authors are reponsible for testing their bt's and patches.

(where should tests be stored? Experimental/tests as others ERP5 Products)


It is public-readable, write access can be obtained from Nexedi.

Experimental contents

Business Templates



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