How To Use Portal Transforms

Portal Transforms is a very handy tool for transforming one content type into another in a centralized and controlled way. It is part of the Plone core code and is actually two Zope Products ("MimetypesRegistry" and "PortalTransforms").

Because it is already used by some parts of ERP5 (Web and DMS) but as of today it is not part of the core code so it has to be installed manually.

Installation on Mandriva

urpmi erp5-MimetypesRegistry erp5-PortalTransforms

Manual Installation

  1. Download "MimetypesRegistry" and "PortalTransforms" from plone svn:

    •   cd $INSTANCE_HOME/Products/
        svn co PortalTransforms
        svn co MimetypesRegistry
  2. Restart zope.
  3. In ZMI, in site root, add "MimetypesRegistry Tool", then add "PortalTransforms Tool". ( Note that if you install erp5_crm business template, those tools will be created automatically ).


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