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Proceedings are available [http://erp5.pl/index.php?section=46 here] (unfortunately, fluency in Polish is required). Proceedings are available [[http://erp5.pl/index.php?section=46|here]] (unfortunately, fluency in Polish is required).

The first ERP5 community conference in Poland

On January 13-14, 2007 ERP5 Polska hosted a conference of Polish developers and users of ERP5.

Proceedings are available here (unfortunately, fluency in Polish is required).

The conference schedule was as follows:

Saturday, January 13

  • Introduction to ERP5 (B. Górny)
  • Implementation of ERP5 in a small business (T. Bochenek, Ł. Nowak)
  • Accounting in ERP5: localisation, problems, solutions (M. Konarski)
  • ERP5 vs other Open Source ERP systems (Ł. Nowak)
  • ERP5 vs proprietary ERP systems (M. Konarski)
  • Document Management System in ERP5 (B. Górny)

Saturday evening:

  • Consumption of a great variety of beverages (the whole team plus Marta Domaradzka, Accenture)
  • Atari, ZX Spectrum, Amiga, Commodore, software broadcasts on the radio - a spontaneous outburst of nostalgy

Sunday, January 14

  • A live demonstration of ERP5 in Ventic S.C. (T. Bochenek, Ł. Nowak)
  • Discussion about:
    • how to present ERP5 to a business person
    • how to document ERP5 implementation
    • documentation of ERP5 and a lack of it, and what can we do about it
    • community support for ERP5

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