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These are some open questions about ERP5 Project that are not so clear.

Project and Tasks

Should Tasks be added inside Projects?

TB : In my opinion, tasks should be added either in task module or inside the project document directly. Both should be possible but even if tasks are located inside the project, they are related to the projet or project_line using source_project.

With the Task fast input (object_exchange) the user add tasks at task_module and use source_project to relate tasks to projects. The same issue existe beetween Documents and project.

Where manage project's tasks ? Using task module / listbox? or with Project/ Project Lines?

Project and Planning Box

Should tasks be showed in Planning tab? or create one special planning box for this? Use Task or Task Report?

TB : In fact, different kinds of information should be displayed with Planning Box. First of all, we want to see project lines with Planning Box. That is the purpose of the current "planning" tab. Then, it is interesting to see the current status of a project by showing all the non yet confirmed tasks and all the task reports related to the project (tasks and task reports should be displayed in different colors). Of course, we can consider tasks and task reports as sub elements of project lines (in order to show the relation between tasks and project_line). That means having one big planning_box with project_lines containing task and task reports would be nice.

Project and DMS

About Documents (with DMS) and project.. What should be done?

1- Remove all allowed content types (Documents) and let the user put the documents in document_module and associete the documents?

2- Remove all allowed content types (Documents) and create one action that put the document in document_module with source_project....

3- Keep and improve the current implementation (Documents are added inside Projects). Allow the user add document inside the project.

BG: I would say 1 and 2 - we want to keep all docs in one place, and to manage their permission independently (not to be enforced by container), but for convenience an action in the Project would be handy.

1- use some kind of Report Form

2- add one object_view (tab) for this

BG: IMO it is 2 - in a similar fashion to the "Persons" tab in "Organisation_view" form.

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