This page describes the structure of the SQL tables used in ERP5.

"uid" attributes are foreign keys of catalog table except if explicitly noted otherwise.

To be catalogged using a given Z SQL Method, the following conditions must be met :

Before being cataloged, each object get wrapped using ERP5Catalog/ wrapObject() method to make some special values only used for cataloging available on it. Once wrapped and just before calling a Z SQL Method, the Z SQL Method parameters are gathered on the (wrapped) object in ZSQLCatalog/ catalogObjectList() method. This makes adding a catalog column as simple as modifying a bit of SQL and adding a parameter to the Z SQL Method.

Catalog tables

Tables containing at most one entry per uid. The main table is catalog, but some portal types get additional columns using joints with other tables.

Specialised tables

Those tables contains data which is not directly proportionnal to the number of catalogged objects.

Tables related to activities

Those table store the pending activities.

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